The 1 Day Tour

Take the 1 Day Tour of Seattle!

So you're only in Seattle for a day trip? You could spend a few weeks exploring the city, but you don’t have that kind of time. We've got you covered! Follow our one day tour and you will see the very best that Seattle has to offer – only the most iconic Seattle landmarks are included in this tour.

Don’t waste your time trying to plan out your own Seattle tour, we have already narrowed your options down for you. And you can do it all without a car!

Just follow this tour and you will be able to take all the pictures you need to prove to your friends that you saw the Emerald City.

You can also do this tour in reverse if you are staying in a hotel in downtown seattle, or if you are waiting to board a cruise ship to Alaska from the Waterfront.

Here is your quick tour to maximize your time in Seattle!

Here's your tour:

**Note: You can also do this tour in reverse depending on where your starting point is – if you are staying downtown or in Seattle for a cruise, you will want to start with #3 and work backwards.

The Space Needle button Stop 1


Since you are trying to see as much as you can in as short a time as possible, your first priority will be to see the most iconic of Seattle icons, the Space Needle. First head over to the ticket counter and buy your ticket to the top. If you are there at a busy time, you may not be able to ride up right away. If you have to wait (or even if you don't), quickly run over to the International Fountain in the Seattle Center which is located just a few hundred yards away. This location offers some of the best angles for taking pictures of the Space Needle.

When your turn comes to take the 43 second elevator ride to the top of the Needle, you will enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline, Mount Rainier, the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, Puget Sound and the surrounding lakes. It is one of the best views in Seattle, so be sure to take a lot of pictures.


The Seattle Monorail button Stop 2


After you have had a chance to enjoy the Space Needle, hop on the Seattle Monorail (located right at the base of the Space Needle) and take the 4 minute ride Downtown. The Monorail will drop you off at Westlake Center (the only stop) – which is just three short blocks away from your next stop – the Pike Place Market.


The Pike Place Market button Stop 3


The Pike Place Market has been in operation for over 100 years, but you only have a couple hours to enjoy this Seattle landmark. There is a lot to do here – so do as much as you have time for! Browse the shops, see the Flying Fish, watch the street performers, eat some fresh fruit, buy some flowers and pick up souvenirs from your brief stay in Seattle. You can also walk across the street and see the very first Starbuck’s Coffee Shop.


The Waterfront button Stop 4


After you have had a chance to shop, walk down the Pike Place Hillclimb located at the back of the market – there are approximately 160 steps so it makes for a very invigorating walk! There is also an elevator located across the skybridge in a parking garage if you are not up for stairs. Either way, you end up on Western Avenue, just one block away from the Seattle Aquarium and the rest of the Waterfront.

There are lots of things to see and do on the Waterfront. There are some unique shopping opportunities here, from the oddities in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop to the pirate gear in Pirates Plunder. The fireboats and ferries are fun to watch as they pull in and out of Colman ferry terminal. Be sure to get some fish and chips at Ivar's – it's a local favorite where seagulls eat your leftover fries right from your hand! You can ride the merry-go-round in the Pavilion and spend some time with the local otters and octopi at the Seattle Aquarium. The Argosy harbor cruises also leave right from the Waterfront piers. You could spend hours on the Waterfront – so pick the activities that appeal to you most.


Ferry Ride button Stop 5


To end your long day of walking and sightseeing, enjoy a relaxing ferry ride on Elliot Bay with beautiful scenery and amazing views of Seattle. If you have the time, take the Bremerton ferry (about 2 hours round trip) for the most scenic ride. Otherwise, the Bainbridge Island ferry (about 1 hour round trip) is nearly as good. Try to take the ferry in the late afternoon so that your return trip is near dusk - that way you get to see the sun reflecting off all the glass buildings just as the lights start turning on in the city.




map of itinerary for four hour tour