Visit Alki Beach

Alki Beach fulfills the classic requirements of what a beach represents including sand, the smell of saltwater, bungalows, and the local deep fried cooking. But unique to the area are the views of the Olympic Mountains and downtown Seattle. Alki Beach is also a place to "people watch" or get a tan in the summer months and it provides an environment for people to gather and hang out. With access to wheelchairs and roller-skates alike, two miles of beach create the perfect scene for an afternoon stroll. In the summer months, Alki Beach becomes crowded; especially on weekends. Sunbathers, volleyball nets, and barbecues fill the beach while teens cruise nearby streets in their eye catching cars. The tourist attractions include seeing the miniature of the Statue of Liberty and the iconic Alki Point Lighthouse.

Alki Point Lighthouse is a historic landmark built in 1913 that still functions today. Though the property is not open to the public, the tower is available for touring on summer weekend afternoons where the lens can be viewed. The miniature Statue of Liberty at Alki Point is a replica of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York City.

Bungalows are nestled between condominiums along Harbor Avenue, covered with greenery. The bungalows at Alki Point provide the idealistic vision of the American home while providing a view of a different time and style.

Kayaking is another way to explore Alki Point. Kayaking tours take place during the weekends and provide information and views of the natural landscape, waterfront attractions, and architectural landmarks.

Here's what you'll see:

Alki Beach is a fun place to go, especially during the summer. Here are some of the activities that we would recommend:


The Elliott Bay Water Taxi


You will need a car to get to Alki Beach and drive south of downtown on I-5 and take the West Seattle Bridge into West Seattle. An alternate way to get there in the summer (May – September) is to take the Water Taxi, which is a passenger only ferry that connects downtown Seattle (Colman Ferry Dock) to Alki.


View of downtown Seattle from Salty's


Alki is located in West Seattle – across Elliott Bay from downtown. While this makes it a little more difficult to get to, it also means that it offers some of the best views of downtown Seattle. You also get great views of ferry boats as they pass by, big container ships, Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. A great place for a nice lunch or dinner is Salty's. The food is expensive, but it offers an excellent view of the city skyline. Salty's is located just steps away from the Water Taxi dock, or you can get complimentary limo transportation from most downtown Seattle hotels.


People enjoying Alki Beach


Alki Beach is a sandy beach that is popular with the locals during the summer months. While the water is really too cold for swimming (unless you are a polar bear – Puget Sound is about 45-55 degrees year round), the beach is a fun place to enjoy a nice summer day.


Woman playing volleyball on Alki Beach


Alki Beach is the closest that Seattle gets to the busy California beaches like Newport Beach. During the beautiful summer days and evenings, Alki is jam-packed with people playing volleyball on the beach, having bonfires, roller blading and biking along the boardwalk, and teenagers cruising with their amped up cars.


Replica of the Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach


When you visit Alki Beach, make sure that you see the lighthouse and the replica of the Statue of Liberty. If you are looking for food, there are numerous little restaurants around the beach to eat at and enjoy the views.